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A Story of a Real Avenger


There are many fictional superhero characters in comic books around the world published by many several publishers. Marvel is one of them who have a series of most powerful superheroes named ‘Avengers’. With the most powerful superheroes of their universe, they created it. However, the Avengers basically save the humankind from danger with their ultimate fictional power. But today...

Indomitable Tigresses of 1971


Heroes are not limited to men and women with large guns, capes, or masks. They can be everyday people who are simply not afraid to rise up when the call goes out. Time and again, women have turned a blind eye to prevailing norms and have actively risen up to answer the call to action. Unfortunately though, due to the patriarchal nature of the narrative, their tales have often been lost in the...

Let’s start with Python


Hello all, I’m Benzir Ahammed Shawon from Bangladesh. I’m an undergraduate student of North South University. My undergraduate major is Computer Science and Engineering. From today(12 July 2020), I’m starting writing about Python programming language. Today I’m going to show you, how to install Python on your personal computer. There’re two versions of Python...

Tonight’s Meteor Shower Is Spectacular Debris From Halley’s Comet


    The annual Orionid meteor shower peaks tonight! Caused by small pieces of Comet Halley hitting our atmosphere at 147,000 miles per hour (66 kilometers per second), this shower is noted for variable rates – some years see only 15-20 meteors per hour on the peak night, whereas others have sported a maximum rate as high as 80-90 meteors per hour. The rates have been fairly low the...

The Future of the Mind by Michio Kaku


The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind is a book based on popular science genre. It is written by Michio Kaku. It was published in 2014 by Doubleday. It was New York Times no one bestseller. The writer talks about varies possibilities in which advanced technology can impact and change human brain and the way he thinks. While describing things...

Nvidias new graphics cards are big deal


Nvidia GTX1080 The hotly anticipated Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 is now official, marking a major leap in performance and efficiency with the introduction of the new Pascal architecture. How major? Take the ultra beefy and expensive Titan X graphics card from last year, slice its power demands from 250W to 180W, cut its price from $999 to $599, and then throw in a bit more performance on top. Virtual...

Android N is already really fast and fluid!


We’ve just finished flashing the Android N developer preview on a Nexus P just to kick the tires and peek under the hood. And though of course we can’t speak to everything that’s here, our early hands-on has left us impressed. Yes, this is a completely clean and totally fresh device, but everything is zipping around the screen much faster than we’re used to. Part of that...

Benzir Ahammed Shawon

I'm Benzir Ahammed Shawon (বাংলা: বেনজির আহম্মেদ শাওন), also known as Benzir A. Shawon, from Beautiful Bangladesh. I'm an undergraduate student. I'm studying Computer Science and Engineering as my major and Mathematics as my minor under the School of Engineering and Physical Science at North South University. I'm a competitive programmer. Also, machine learning and artificial intelligence researcher, technology and robotics blogger, robotics and microcontroller enthusiast. I love to code, solving problems, and play video games. My favorite computer languages are Python, Matlab, Java, C, and C++. And, my most favorite video game is Far Cry 3. I have good knowledge of Combinatorics. I can describe many things with patterns. I have studied 'Harmonies of the World' by Johannes Kepler and 'Liber Abaci' by Fibonacci. φ is my favorite irrational number, and the hexagon is my favorite polygon. I'm a Marxist, and a leader of the historical progressive leftist student organization, Bangladesh Students' Union.