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A Story of a Real Avenger


There are many fictional superhero characters in comic books around the world published by many several publishers. Marvel is one of them who have a series of most powerful superheroes named ‘Avengers’. With the most powerful superheroes of their universe, they created it. However, the Avengers basically save the humankind from danger with their ultimate fictional power. But today...

Benzir Ahammed Shawon

I'm Benzir Ahammed Shawon (বাংলা: বেনজির আহম্মেদ শাওন), also known as Benzir A. Shawon, from Beautiful Bangladesh. I'm an undergraduate student. I'm studying Computer Science and Engineering as my major and Mathematics as my minor under the School of Engineering and Physical Science at North South University. I'm a competitive programmer. Also, machine learning and artificial intelligence researcher, technology and robotics blogger, robotics and microcontroller enthusiast. I love to code, solving problems and play video games. My favorite computer languages are Python, Matlab, Java, C and C++. And, my most favorite video game is Far Cry 3. I have a good knowledge in Combinatorics. I'm a Marxist, and a leader of the historical progressive leftist student organization, Bangladesh Students' Union.