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General Education is dedicated to students’ need for the necessary capacities for life-long learning and a knowledge base transferable across academic disciplines and vocational contexts. General Education or GED courses provide students the opportunity to enhance their ability to think critically, develop their communication and mathematical skills,  stimulate their capacities for creative, innovative thinking, and enrich their knowledge of the broader social, cultural, and natural worlds in which they will have to live and work. In  North South University, we study GED courses which especially provide us knowledge about the English language, History, Psychology, Bengali literature, and other things that can help us enhance our ethics and diversity. It’s crucial to study GED courses to gain mentioned things. 

Firstly, at the beginning of a student’s first schooling year at NSU, they usually study the English course as their first General Education course. The reason for having the course is, it’ll increase the student’s English writing skills which are very important to continue the rest of the major degree. For example, if we don’t do ENG103 or the Intermediate Composition, we won’t be able to write a research-based assignment or thesis paper in future major courses. So, it’s developing our skills as well. 

Secondly, some General Education courses at North South University like History or  Political Science give students the opportunity to learn the depth of history of the emergence of our nation and the history of this subcontinent. Political science course allowing a student to study about the legislature and learn about political matters. Non-major students of these courses will study about this. When these students’ become human resources of the country and take control of things or work from a different side of controlling than their major degree, this learning will make those things more accessible or concept friendly. For example, if a Computer Science graduate makes software about the legislature, it would be much easier for the student to implement it.

Finally, General Education’s all courses give us strive to benefit the individual and society apart from the requirements of employment. On the other hand, they are making our educational bases more strong to research on overall matters. Students who have good capability in these courses can evaluate all things in one space. Thus, they’re more capable of studying the next steps of higher educations. 

In conclusion, General Education courses make a student truly higher educated.  Whenever we are doing higher education, we’re not only supposed to study our particular courses. GED courses continually enhancing our knowledge, and it’s imperative.

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Benzir Ahammed Shawon

I'm Benzir Ahammed Shawon (বাংলা: বেনজির আহম্মেদ শাওন), also known as Benzir A. Shawon, from Beautiful Bangladesh. I'm an undergrad student. I'm studying Computer Science and Engineering under School of Engineering and Physical Science at North South University. I'm a computer science enthusiast. I love to write codes also blogs about those.

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Benzir Ahammed Shawon

I'm Benzir Ahammed Shawon (বাংলা: বেনজির আহম্মেদ শাওন), also known as Benzir A. Shawon, from Beautiful Bangladesh. I'm an undergraduate student. I'm studying Computer Science and Engineering as my major and Mathematics as my minor under the School of Engineering and Physical Science at North South University. I'm a competitive programmer. Also, machine learning and artificial intelligence researcher, technology and robotics blogger, robotics and microcontroller enthusiast. I love to code, solving problems, and play video games. My favorite computer languages are Python, Matlab, Java, C, and C++. And, my most favorite video game is Far Cry 3. I have good knowledge of Combinatorics. I can describe many things with patterns. I have studied 'Harmonies of the World' by Johannes Kepler and 'Liber Abaci' by Fibonacci. φ is my favorite irrational number, and the hexagon is my favorite polygon. I'm a Marxist, and a leader of the historical progressive leftist student organization, Bangladesh Students' Union.