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Download Sir Issac Newtons fundamental nature science book Opticks!


A Page of Opticks Book. Opticks is a book by English natural philosopher Isaac Newton that was published in English in 1704.[ (A scholarly Latin translation appeared in 1706.) The book analyzes the fundamental nature of light by means of the refraction of light with prisms and lenses, the diffraction of light by closely spaced sheets of glass, and the behaviour of color mixtures with spectral...

Hack WiFi Network and Crack WiFi Password from Android Mobile in Just Two Minutes


Like we always Android is not just a phone. It’s much more than an average phone. Now here we with another trick, that you were going to do with your android phone. Nowadays I receive 10-20 messages on email, Dude how  I hack wi-fi password from android mobile. It is possible or not.Now I write this post for my readers who daily read my blog and want clear your doubts about wi-fi...

The Moons Formation Was Even More Dramatic Than Thought


Photo: NASA The Moon likely formed when the primordial Earth slammed into a Mars-sized object, throwing a sizable chunk of material into orbit, which eventually became our satellite. While this has been known for a few decades, the details are still a mystery. Now, a crucial piece of evidence could help clarify exactly how it happened. An international team of researchers led by Professor Ed...

Science confirms that gravitational waves exist


Photo: NASA At last, scientists have validated a key part of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The National Science Foundation, Caltech and MIT have confirmed the existence of gravitational waves, or ripples in spacetime. Their two LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory) detectors measured atomic-scale differences on September 14th, 2015 that point...

Complete Google Security Checkup for 2016 and Get 2GB of Drive Storage


15+2GB in Google Drive To celebrate Safer Internet Day 2016, Google is once again giving away 2GB in Google Drive storage if you run through their short Google Security Checkup. They did this security checkup last year and you all seemed to take advantage of it. After all, why wouldn’t you? It only takes a couple of minutes to complete and gets you free goodies.  What is the Google...

This ancient Babylonian map of Jupiter just changed history as we know it


You’re looking at the foundations of modern calculus. Trustees of the British Museum/Mathieu Ossendrijver Analysis of an ancient code breaking tablet has revealed that Babylonian astronomers had calculated the movements of Jupiter using an early form of geometric calculus some 1,400 years before we thought the technique was invented by the Europeans. This means that these ancient...

How to Play Hidden Chess Game Inside Facebook Messenger


 Hidden Chess Game Inside Facebook Messenger (Desktop View) What can you do with Facebook Messenger? Chat with your friends Send GIFs, stickers, and photos Make video calls Send people money in Messenger Have you ever wondered to Play a game while you chat with friends? Yes, it is possible. Facebook had made it to the reality by building a hidden built-in functionality in Facebook Messenger...

Tour 2015


Tour Collage at Cox’s Bazar Selfie with Plane  at Cox’s Bazar at Cox’s Bazar at Saint Martain at Cox’s Bazar at Himchori at Moheskhali at Cox’s Bazar at Cox’s Bazar at Cox’s Bazar at Nilgiri at Sitakund at Sitakund at Rangamati at Rangamati at Rangamati at Kaptai Lake at Kaptai Lake at Cimbuk Hill with Mummy at Kaptai Lake at Kaptai Lake at Kaptai...

Benzir Ahammed Shawon

I'm Benzir Ahammed Shawon (বাংলা: বেনজির আহম্মেদ শাওন), also known as Benzir A. Shawon, from Beautiful Bangladesh. I'm an undergraduate student. I'm studying Computer Science and Engineering as my major and Mathematics as my minor under the School of Engineering and Physical Science at North South University. I'm a competitive programmer. Also, machine learning and artificial intelligence researcher, technology and robotics blogger, robotics and microcontroller enthusiast. I love to code, solving problems, and play video games. My favorite computer languages are Python, Matlab, Java, C, and C++. And, my most favorite video game is Far Cry 3. I have good knowledge of Combinatorics. I can describe many things with patterns. I have studied 'Harmonies of the World' by Johannes Kepler and 'Liber Abaci' by Fibonacci. φ is my favorite irrational number, and the hexagon is my favorite polygon. I'm a Marxist, and a leader of the historical progressive leftist student organization, Bangladesh Students' Union.